Arrival to Panama City. Pick up at the airport by the guide who will help with the transfer to the Hotel about 25 minutes away. The bilingual guide will also provide important information regarding the rest of trip.
Overnight stay at the Hotel Hilton.

After breakfast at the hotel the tour starts at the Panama Canal, a magnificent work of engineering, actually the greatest and most  expensive human feat of the time. After 30/40 minutes of route, you will reach the Visitor Center of Miraflores Locks, from which you will be able to see closely the ships moving along the canal, and the way it operates.  Afterwards, you will make a brief visit at Mercado de Abasto, the city’s largest fruit and vegetable market. Lunch will be served in one of the typical restaurants of the traditional  Seafood Market of the city. The tour continues in the Old Quarter of Panama City, the historic center of San Felipe, thanks to its eclectic fusion of colonial, neoclassic and French architecture. This stop includes a walk in the streets, squares and gravel roads and a visit of emblematic colonial buildings, churches and palaces. The tour ends at the Executive Mansion, known as Palacio de las Garzas, and famous for maintaining intact the Salón Amarillo and the Salón de los Tamarindos where the most famous murals of Roberto Lewis representing the history and culture of the country are visible right over there. Overnight stay at the Hotel Hilton.

After breakfast, the tour starts with a transfer to the little pier of Gatún River, where you will board a pirogue, to arrive to the community of Emberá Quera, located at Gatún River’s mouth. During the journey, you will be able to see in detail the splendid jungle and if you are lucky, its monkeys, butterflies, herons and turtles. Upon your arrival, you will be received by the Indian Chief of the community who will tell you the history of the Tribe and its cultural wealth and that of its traditions. They live at the edge of the river in little communities of thatch‐roofed palafittes named tambos, for counteracting humidity and avoiding floods. Men dedicate themselves to manufacture the famous pirogues, canoes made by shaping logs, used to navigate. Women, as for them, make splendid baskets, plates and masks out of vegetal fiber and delicate knitting. All the members of the community use the genipa juice to paint their bodies with geometric designs; apparently, that works very well as repellent and has healing properties. The visit to the community will finish and you will go over a little island inhabited by monkeys. Afterwards, lunch will be served and you will enjoy a folkloric show with traditional music and dances. Overnight stay at the Hotel Hilton.

After breakfast at the Hotel, private transfer to Albrook National Airport, pick up at the airport of Chitré for transfer to Cubita Boutique Hotel & Resort.

In the afternoon, visit San Isidro Farm in half a day, where the best rum of Panama is produced. The route starts with the visit to an ancient colonial house belonging to the distillery’s founder, Mr. José Varela; one of the several young immigrants who came from Spain in 1906. In 1936, he began to distill the sugarcane juice in order to produce liquors. Since then, his passion, dedication and experience have been passed down through three generations which have insisted on keeping the tradition, always using the best ingredients while respecting the refining process time of this famous rum. Firstly, you will see the juice extraction, then, its fermentation and its distillation. Later on, while going over the farm’s seedy bars, you will see the rum maturing process which is done in little oak casks until it reaches different standards that are commercialized. At the end of the route, you will taste some types of rums through which you will sense their scent, aroma and intensity and you will also enjoy a typical Panamanian lunch during the tour. Overnight stay at the Cubitá Boutique Resort & Spa

After breakfast at the Hotel, go over Isla Iguana during the entire day. The island is the habitat of a vast colony of man‐of‐war birds, pelicans, woodcocks, very colorful crabs and green iguanas. It has white‐sand beaches, crystalline waters and sixteen hectares of barrier reef protecting seventeen species of corals and more than 350 species of tropical fish.  Immediately afterwards, you will discover the wonderful submarine world by exploring the area in a guided snorkeling tour. You will have a snack (water, a sandwich and biscuits) during the tour and you will have some relaxing time at the beach. Later on, you will go back to Pedasí where you will have lunch and you will finally be transferred to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Breakfast at the hotel. The tour starts in the afternoon where you will board a powerboat which will take you to Isla Cañas. From July to January, it receives thousands of turtles, predominantly, olive ridley sea turtles that arrive to deposit their eggs. Upon your arrival to the island, dinner will be served. Afterwards, aboard a cart pulled by horses, you will reach the beach where you will see in detail turtles depositing their eggs or turtles coming out of their shells. Finally, return to the Hotel. Overnight stay.

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Chitre airport in order to taka a short flight back to the city, pick up at Albrook National airport by the guide who will assist you and transfer to Tocumen International Airport.

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